Ceramic art by Coleton Lunt


Well now, I have many things I need to catch you up on since I haven’t posted in a while.

The Fall semester is fully underway and all the teeny boppers are out and about studying hard.   With this new academic year I have received my own studio space!  I have been doing ceramics for almost 7 years now and this is my very first studio.  I cannot tell you how awesome it is to have this space.  

In other news, the ceramics department was in the news.  This is just a little article the school newspaper did on the ceramic department.  http://northernarizonanews.com/blog/2012/03/19/ceramics-not-as-easy-as-it-looks-but-as-fun-as-it-sounds/

Now an update on some forms I am working on.  I don’t know where I got this idea, it kind of just came out of no where.  This is a prototype and I am excited to see what else comes along.

Its already getting cold here in Flagstaff and this winter I plan on taking advantage of it.  I got the idea to freeze my pots one winter day when I was drying clay.  I let it sit overnight and in the morning I found the water within the clay froze and crystallized.  After the ice melted and the water evaporated, it left behind its texture in the clay.  Last winter I threw this vase and put it out over night.  you can see the crystals the frozen water made.  

This is also just a prototype.  I am going to experiment with different forms using this surface.  This is one reason to not fear the icy winter to come.


One response

  1. This is so incredibly cool. (Haha I crack myself up!) This one I would call Serendipity. I can see a great deal of potential here.

    February 27, 2014 at 1:22 AM

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