The sculpturization of the world

Hello again

Here are a couple of sculptures I have been slaving over.  When I unveiled this anthropomorphic owl to my dog Lucy, she barked and growled at it until she realized it was just wet clay.  then she wanted to lick it… strange but still, I think that makes it a success in that I was able to stir another animals emotions with my art.

This next item is not a sculpture but it is still a work of art.  Bloody marys to break up the work day and make the evening session more enjoyable.  A hearty meal in themselves garnished with celery, a pickled pepper, an olive, a pickle, pepper jack cheese and a glorious strip of bacon to top it all off.  I may have even forgot a garnish.  All for $6 on Sundays!  These have become a Sunday afternoon tradition in my life.

So, after a pleasant discussion over a couple drinks its off to the studio again.  This was a class assignment that involved making a shape, then making replicas of that shape for everyone in class, then exchanging shapes and making a sculpture out of them.  I decided to simply attach everyone’s items and encase them in some sort of sci-fi sphere.  It has yet to be glazed and fired but so far so good.  It really invites the viewer for a closer look inside.

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