Almost There

This is it! Im on what I like to call an “extended vacation”.   I finally made the move to Flagstaff Arizona, a place where forest rangers seek refuge, hippies run free , and angry lesbians find peace.  Flagstaff is a mountain town, 7000 + feet in elevation.  Its a big change from the searing heat of St. George Utah.  Just yesterday a friend and I hiked a trail in the San Fransisco peaks and had towear warm cloths in August, what a delight!  But I didn’t come here to escape the heat, I came because of the the ceramic facility at NAU.  Its the best in the southwest.

I created this blog to inform my friends and clients of where I’m at and what is yet to come.  If you liked my art enough to have purchased it then THANK YOU, you helped pay for an  entire semester of school.  That’s a big deal!  So I thought I would keep you all up to date on the wild things I will experience learn and create.

I cant give you an art update (yet) because I have been enduring a heart breaking 4 month hiatus.  I quickly found out I’m too young and inspired to be doing this, but I’m in it now and its over in only 17 more days! I decided to do this because it was the end of the  semester and the beginning of summer and I realized it was time to pursue my BFA.  When I begin, I will be in over my head, a real ceramic junkie, so I thought it would smart to free float around beforehand, be stupid and meet new friends.

In the next blog episode, I will give you the down low on the ceramic studio and my genius plans to dominate.  Thanks for reading.

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